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Meet Danielle

Hey there! I’m Danielle, the chef, recipe developer, and co taste tester at Recipe Binge. I’m a former pastry chef and grew up in an Italian-American household, so you could say my entire my life has always revolved around food! I’ve turned that love and passion into my full time job by posting my creations to share with all of you!

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About the Author

I was born and raised in New York by a big, loud, and loving Italian-American family! Spending time with family has always been very important to us, and much of that time is spent around the dinner table… eating, laughing, and simply enjoying the presence of one another. My father also owned and operated a deli & catering business where I spent a lot of time growing up, so much of my life has revolved around good food!

How It All Started

Starting at a young age, I was always in the kitchen with my mom baking cookies and learning traditional family recipes every holiday. In my late teenage years I started working for my father at his deli & catering business, where my passion for experimenting and crafting new recipes was truly sparked. After graduating high school, I attended culinary school and received a degree in Professional Baking and Pastry Arts. I apprenticed in multiple bakeries, under great teachers and renowned chefs. After much hard work and perfecting my craft, I was given the opportunity of a lifetime and dream job as an executive pastry chef at a prestigious hotel in New York. I held that position for many years, but life took a different course and the vision for my future grew tremendously.

The gratification I feel when I create a beautiful dish, and when others are enjoying my culinary creations is inexplicable. I’ve always wanted to share that feeling so everyone else could experience it too, and that’s when it hit me… I need to create an outlet, to share my recipes and methods, step by step. That’s how this blog was born!

From a Vision to Reality

But wait… I’m a pastry chef? I don’t know anything about websites…marketing…business…? Thankfully (and coincidently), I was in luck. My husband Brandon is a serial entrepreneur and business mogul. He is also an expert on fine dining and highly critical of every aspect of a dish. So it’s safe to say every recipe I create has gone through a rigorous “perfecting process”… With his knowledge of food, ingredients, and cooking techniques, he is also an incredible chef himself, although never as a career, he cooks because he truly enjoys it. When the idea of a food and recipe blog was brought to him, he was excited, and began deploying all of his resources to make it the reality you see here today!  

Danielle and Brandon