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Buttery Chicken Francese Recipe

3 reviews / 5 average
Chicken Francese on a white plate smothered in a thick Chicken Francese sauce with slices of lemon and garnished with chopped fresh Italian parsley.
This Chicken Francese recipe brings back so many memories! My dad would make it all the time growing up and not a drop would go to waste. Although it’s a … Read more

Gino’s Chicken Scarpariello Recipe

1 review / 5 average
Delicious italian chicken scarpariello on a white ceramic plate surrounded by juices sprinkled with chopped italian parsley, on a white marble countertop.
This Chicken Scarpariello Recipe is absolutely mouthwatering, and will have you coming back for seconds, maybe even thirds! The meaty flavors of the chicken and sausage complemented by the acidity … Read more